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正确的无国界协作解决方案可以帮助公司随时发挥其团队的全部潜力, anywhere.

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Data sovereignty and security reign in the new work world

在新的工作环境中,对数据主权和安全的需求被推到了风口浪尖, as businesses shift to the cloud to enable people to work from anywhere.

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Unified Communications

Has remote working become YOUR new normal?


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Business Continuity

Rediscovering human value in enterprises in times of crisis

The Place of the Human in today’s challenging business situation

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Business continuity during a crisis


Succeeding in the new way of working - IDC White Paper

In the IDC white paper, IDC为商业领袖提供了重要的发现和见解,帮助他们做出正确的决策,以建立他们的“未来企业”。. Take few minutes to go through this white paper.

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